Our Duty

At KD we prefer it in any colour ‘As long as it is Green’ Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
As a small business that is striving to break the chain of ‘wear once and dispose’ trend of fast fashion, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce the negative environmental effect of the fashion industry. Simply because it is already on your social media, it doesn’t mean that you can not repeat your looks. With so many ways to style, we are constantly bringing you new ways to re-wear your KD outfits. 
We also ensure we produce as per order so nothing goes to waste. We do not stock pile our products and each piece is handmade with love at our small studio by a team of extremely talented tailors. 

KD PreLoved

Hand-me-downs you want to own.
KD PreLoved was introduced in October 2020 with the idea of giving your KD pieces a ‘second chance’. This new scheme allows customers to recycle their old KD pieces and re-use them to reduce pollution while also extending the lifespan of the garments. With an aim to encourage our KD girls to make more planet-friendly choices, KD PreLoved pays back half the value of PreLoved returned items. We then recycle it and re-sell it to another KD girl who will add more to its lifecycle.