About Us

About us
Exclusive Bridal Collection for the modern bride


Our Story
Kirsty Doyle is a woman designing for other women.
Kirsty Doyle exclusively sells her ready-to-wear collection through www.kirsty-doyle.com and offers a full bespoke service for her Brides and Bridesmaids from https://kirstydoyleweddings.uk/ 
and on site showroom.
With a design and manufacturing studio based in the UK, most of our pieces sold online are handmade in-house. She designs with herself in mind, she wants women to feel how she feels when she wears a KD dress.
“Strong, confident and untouchable is how she feels when wearing a KD look”
She believes that the KD girl is shopping for a look that will impress at an important occasion but also something she can bring out season after season.


Our Customer
At KD we believe that 'Every Girl is a KD Girl'
No matter the age, size or occasion we got you covered.
Whether you are a size 6, 12 or 22, a young working girl, newly wed wife, a bride-to-be, a mom of 3 or a mommy-to-be KD have something for you. Our collections are designed in such a way that we can be part of every milestone of your life. Be it your first date, holiday in St. Tropez, a new promotion, bachelorette party, wedding or baby shower, we are here to celebrate it all with you. 
Our Values
KD has a value chain that strives to deliver products to the end customers as quickly as possible with minimum waste.
Our entire design and manufacturing process is based in house, which enable us to keep our supply chain lean and efficient. Most pieces are made to measure and only produced as per order, hence we are able to utilize our resources effectively and reduce waste associated in mass production. Based in the heart of Liverpool, KD employs locally based talent, ranging from qualified tailors, pattern cutters, designers to marketing specialists.
As a brand, we take great pride in being a British homegrown label and our ability to offer a wide range of sizes to make every KD Girl feel special and inclusive.