KD Bride - Make Up Tricks And Tips

Hey KD Girls, now that the wedding buzz is back on and you are all prepping for the best day of your life we decided to bring you some essential make up tips from the best in the industry.
Meet Glo, our fabulous makeup artist from Liverpool. Glo (@makeupartisglo) has worked with KD team and KD brides for over five years now, where most of her weekends you will find her glamming brides for their perfect days.
"My favourite part about weddings is really building up a relationship with the bride and their family and seeing the big reveal of them in their dress *I cry everytime and then being friends for life."
We caught up with Glo to talk all things makeup to help you look flawless on your big day.
1)What is the best advice you can give all our KD-brides-to-be?
Best advice for brides to be is to not stress the little stuff and enjoy it. Remember why your getting married and focus the most on having the best day ever with everyone you love.
2) What key factors should a bride consider when selecting a Makeup Artist for the wedding?
Always choose somebody whose makeup style you love and ensure they are confident at making every age, gender and skin colour look and feel beautiful. Most importantly someone who you feel will add something to your day.
3) How to prep the skin in the days/months leading up to the wedding?
It is really important to schedule monthly appointments in trying out different methods and invest in an amazing take home routine. I would say for wedding skin prep really find an amazing skin guru (I’m always happy to recommend my friend Skin By Jessica Myler (@skinbyjessica). Also think hydration this is key to making your makeup last all day. SPF 50!!
4) What is the best time/timeframe to have the makeup trial?
Totally your choice with makeup trials some brides won’t book without first having one but I do recommend having one as close to your day as possible like a week or two before. Plus styles and fashion changes all the trim. Don't forget to factor them into existing nights out or meals you have planned so it doesn’t feel like an extra expense. 
5) Should a bride pick her makeup based on her usual/signature look?
It’s so important to feel like yourself on your wedding day. A lot of brides often show me initial inspiration photos from social media and don’t realise how much makeup is applied to get a certain flawless finish, also a lot of these images are airbrushed, therefore in real life it can feel so much heavier than what your used to. I always love my bridal makeups when it’s a collaboration with the bride, where we use bride's favourite foundation with a mixture of my products. It just works so well. 
6) Any makeup tips for the bride's entourage?
Get the bridal party a matching lipstick so the vibe is in keeping with each other. Let each person bring some of their personality to the look so they feel comfortable and look true to themselves.
7) How important is the wedding venue/location when selecting a makeup look?
If your getting married in a hotter climate you may want a super dewy makeup but you might need a more matte approach just for longevity if you get married somewhere outside and ensure you have SPF underneath your makeup. 
8) What are the must have products/items for the wedding day touch-up kit? 
Wedding day touch up lip products will always be the first and most important part of the kit. I love to use the makeup brush I have applied makeup with or the beauty blender to just reapply throughout the day, specially if you get warm you might need to reapply around your forehead. Just take a little bit of everything an eyeliner, some more mascara (incase you cry a bit #happytears) and a blush/bronzer powder, more often than not you won’t need to touch much but it’s best to have a little kit prepared for the day. 
Most brides hardly touch up their makeup throughout the day because there having so much fun. I am newly engaged and that is the hope I have for my own wedding. My best advice is to not get caught up in it being this perfect day it’s real can be super emotional. Therefore it should be so carefree, nobody wants the bride to just reapply her lip gloss all day, just let your hair down dance with all the family and live your best KD bride life. 
You can get in touch with Glo via her instagram @makeupartisglo and email gloriamcglashan1@gmail.com